22 people executed by Iran in Ahwaz

There are reports which are suggesting that over 22 people have been allegedly executed by Iran. It seems that Iran has accused those people of being responsible for an attack on a military parade. The attack took place last October in Ahwaz, a city in southwestern Iran. It is also important to note that ISIS had claimed responsibility for the attack.

According to sources, authorities associated with the Revolutionary Court had spoken and told a few of the families of the people that have been executed.
One of those relatives had stated that a few of the families were summoned by the Revolutionary Court. The families were given death warrants of those that were executed. However, the Court did not provide any information whatsoever to the families about the corpses of the victims. At the same time, the families were warned not to have any funerals for the victims or they would be risking prosecution.
After the attack took place on the military parade, security officials in Iran had arrested hundreds of activists in Ahwaz. These include a number of civil society activists who are not associated with any kind of extremist outfits.
According to human rights activists, Iranian authorities have been using that attack to disguise their own attacks on civil society activists and even intellectuals. After all, these activists are interested in
ensuring the national rights in the southern region of Iran.

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