A Documentary Discloses Hezbollah’s Drug Trade, Money Laundering Links

A more exclusive investigation report by one of the Middle Eastern media have emphasized with proof of the role played by the Hezbollah and the Iranian Militia, in the global drug trade and money laundering scheme. A documentary, titled ’Hezbollah’s Nacro Jihad’ reviews on the involvement of the terrorist organizations in these actions in exchange for its fund shortage.

The documentary ‘Hezbollah’s Narco Jihad’ takes the viewers through minute facts of the organization’s involvement in drug trade and money laundering, and covers today’s reality mentioning the same networks is still active.
From 2009 to 2013, around 7,000 people were killed in the Medellin mafia wars in Colombia, as various challengers wanted to claim Don Berna’s criminal throne and become the successor to the Medellin Cartel. A former hitman of the Medellin Cartel, who have been Pablo Escobar’s most loyal man, told in its exclusive documentary that the cartel of Medellin was very strong. It had around 140 aircraft fleet, over 3,000 hit men, and a cruel intelligence structure.
Two years after Escobar’s death and the arrest of the Orejuela brothers, the Colombian underworld became disintegrated. With the drug trafficking syndicates evading countering forces with new measures. It required them to work with the Italian Mafia in Europe and understanding the huge Brazilian and Argentinean markets in South America. It also required heightened assistance between Hezbollah associated and Colombian organized crime world.
A joint attempt by American and Colombian investigators destroyed an international cocaine smuggling and money laundering ring that purportedly sent part of the profit to finance Hezbollah. The DEA was able to plan the details of the cartel’s operation when an undercover agent laundered $20million and they followed it.
American intelligence analysts think that for years Hezbollah got as much as $200 million annually from its primary patron, Iran, along with additional aid from Syria. 200 accounts revealed Hezbollah involved in money laundering.

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