Ali Mushaima: The Terrorist backed by Iran

Ali Mushaima is one of the men who have been accused in Bahrain of being the mastermind of the plot to attack major locations in the Middle Eastern country. Currently, this terrorist is the United Kingdom as a fugitive. He has links to Iran as well as its infamous Iranian Revolutionary Guards, just like his father Hassan Mushaima. Their aims are to undermine the security of Bahrain as well as targeting the expats, foreign investors and the innocents.

This is in line with the aims of Iran which has been trying to subvert the various Middle Eastern governments. They desire to control the entire region and are willing to take extreme, illegal and dangerous methods to do so.

Back in January 2017, a terrorist outfit targeted and attacked a police patrol, injuring a policeman in the process. It was discovered that the attack took place soon after a statement was posted by Ali Mushaima online. In the statement, Ali Mushaima incited the attack.

Ali Mushaima was convicted of the same in absentia. He has been sentenced to prison for 15 years for his links with foreign terror organizations including the Revolutionary Guards. Currently, Ali Mushaima is in the UK where he has been holding continued protests outside the Bahrain Embassy in London.

Ali Mushaima is claiming that the authorities are not providing any medical treatment to his father who is in prison. However, the authorities have clearly stated that proper procedures are being followed and that Hassan is getting the necessary medical care.

Back in March 2017, Bahrain had discovered a terrorist cell within its region. The Bahraini authorities managed to arrest 116 terrorists and seize a massive cache of weapons and explosives. Investigations revealed that the cell was linked to Iran through the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.


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