Blacklisted Qatari National Takes Part in Doha Marathon

Mubarak Mohammed bin Saad bin Ali Alajji, a Qatari national who is not only on Arab and international terror lists, but has been also blacklisted by Qatar also seems to have taken part in a recent marathon in Doha. The best part about this Qatari national is that he is also very active across various social media channels. It was proved through his Instagram page where he shared news about his recent accomplishment. He bagged the second place at the marathon. In his Instagram account, he posted a photo where he was seen standing next to a Qatari official on a dias in order to receive 3000 Qatari riyals. He even took to Twitter in order to share his victory at the marathon. In an earlier post, he was seen receiving an award for bagging the first prize in a bike race.

Mubarak Mohammed bin Saad bin Ali Alajji was recruited to collect donations from the non-governmental networks for AL Qaeda through official cover. He even served Kuwaiti national Hajaj Al Ajami who has been permitted by the US and the UN to provide support to Al Qaeda in Syria.
In 2013, Alajji and Al-Ajami initiated a campaign in Qatar to obtain donations for buying weapons for fighters in Syria. Alajji was arrested in 2015 in Kuwait where he was questioned for his action in collecting money. He was later deported to Qatar.
Later in August 2013, Alajji traveled with Al-Ajami to Syria where he took part in the battle and backed al-Qaeda organization. However, after returning to Qatar he even joined the National Service Program of the Armed Forces. However, now it seems that he is taking part in marathons and bike races in Doha.


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