FIFA Official Bribed to Support Qatar Bid for 2022 World Cup

A senior official of FIFA took over $1 million as a bribe to vote for Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup. This was revealed through the court testimony of a witness as a part of the larger investigation into
the corruption charges at FIFA.
The witness is Alejandro Burzaco, a sports marketing executive from Argentina and the corrupt official in question was Julio Grondona. Grondona was a senior vice-president in FIFA as well as the head of the
football association of Argentina till his death which took place in 2014.
Burzaco claimed in his testimony that Grondona had told him that Grondona was owed money because of his vote that had helped Qatar win the bid to host the tournament.

The victory of Qatar in the bidding process was announced back in 2010 December after 4 knockout voting rounds by the executive committee of FIFA. However, that victory was since been tormented by allegations
of misconduct and bribery. The testimony given by Burzaco is the strongest evidence so far that the 2022 vote was corrupt and dirty.
Burzaco is the former CEO of Torneos y Competencias, the sports marketing executive of Argentina. He has pleaded guilty to giving out millions of dollars as bribes to various senior officials of South
American football in exchange for the broadcast rights of the major tournaments of the region.
According to his testimony, there was a continuous program of bribes, one-off and annual, to a group comprised of influential executives at Conmebol. This bribery went on for over a decade. Conmebol is the
governing body of South American football. In some cases, the bribes were more than a million US dollars.


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