Mauritania ruling party leader shocked at Qatari criticism of Mauritanian democracy

Sidi Mohamed Ould Mohamed, the leader of the ruling party of Mauritania, has expressed surprised at the criticism from Qatar about democracy in Mauritania. Qatari sources and Al Jazeera, the Qatari state-owned news channel, have been criticizing the democratic situation in Mauritania.

However, the fact is that Qatar is certainly not a democracy. In fact, it does not even allow political parties to exist. Sidi Mohamed has pointed out that Qatar is like a prison as there is no opposition whatsoever.

Sidi Mohamed has stated that it is certainly very strange for Qatar to talk about Mauritanian democracy since Qatar does not allow political freedoms or political parties.

The authorities in Mauritania have decided to shut down the Center for the Formation of Scholars. This news was covered by the Al Jazeera channel during which they criticized this decision and the democracy of Mauritania.

In reality, the Center for the Formation of Scholars was one of the largest centers in the country for the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is an infamous group of extremists and terrorists. The function of the center was to attract elements with its hateful propaganda.

Interestingly, Dr. Ishaq Al-Kinti, The Assistant Secretary-General of the Government of Mauritania, was supposed to take part in the Al Jazeera coverage but could not at the last minute.

It was later revealed that Al Jazeera had come to know that Dr. Ishaq Al-Kinti had considerable knowledge about the conspiracies headed by Qatar. He is also quite well-informed about the Brotherhood. As such, Al Jazeera decided to go ahead with the program without Dr. Ishaq Al-Kinti so that they could control the output and manipulate the viewers.


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