Qatar Hacking Scandal Reveals How American Media Is Misused

As David Reaboi wrote in The Federalist, there has been a decline in American journalism which is exemplified in two major ways. The first one is the increasing use of cheap clickbait articles for the sake of so-called social justice. The other is how editors and reporters are allowing influence operators and manipulators to drive the narrative in supposedly serious writing.

This can be easily understood with the scandal around Eliot Broidy. Broidy is a former Republican fundraiser who recently filed a case against Qatar. In the case, he complained that Qatar had hired hackers to hack his email and leak them to the press. It is important to note that Boidy happens to be one of the most prominent critics of Qatar. By getting his emails hacked and leaked to the press, it seems Qatar wanted to destroy his reputation. In turn, this would have hampered his ability to oppose the dangerous policies of Qatar.
The American media was only too happy to start criticizing Eliot Broidy over the contents of the leaked emails. It also made things easier for them considering that Broidy was a close associate of Trump during the latter’s presidential campaign. However, this also shows how Qatar was able to leverage the American media into doing its bidding.

David Reaboi is political warfare and national security consultant based in Dallas.

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