Qatar Seeks To Undermine the Trump Administration

It has been known for quite some time now that Qatar provides support to terrorist outfits such as the Muslim Brotherhood in a bid to push its own radicalized Islam further. To achieve its aims, Qatar even goes to the extent of undermining the Trump administration.

The problem is that Qatar and US are supposed to be friendly to each other. However, despite requiring the help of the United States, Qatar keeps pursuing activities which are embarrassing and even problematic for the Trump administration. The active support of extremist and terrorist activities is just one of them. Qatar has even indulged in hacking and other cybercrimes to push its agenda.

One of the most notable hacks by Qatar took place on a Republican fundraiser associated with the Trump administration. The Republican fundraiser, Elliott Broidy, has even filed a lawsuit against the state of Qatar in which he accused the country of hacking into his emails. In the lawsuit, Elliott Broidy also claimed that Qatar was conspiring to ruin his reputation. It is important to note that Elliott Broidy has been antagonistic to Qatar for a long time. He has accused Qatar of providing support to Islamist extremism as well.

By hacking into his emails, Qatar seems to be trying to show that it does not value its ties with the US and the current Trump administration. It goes on to know how antagonistic Qatar actually is with the US.


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