Qatar Trying To Connect With Hamza Bin Laden

Years after his father was killed by US Navy Seals in Pakistan, Hamza bin Laden has now become the target for global power, according to Washington Times. In the space of a few weeks, a number of actions have been taken against him. The United States has placed on his head, a bounty of around $1 million. After this, the United Nations Security Council placed him on a global sanctions list which led to a new Interpol notice being issued for his arrest. Finally, his home country, Saudi Arabia announced that it had cancelled his citizenship.

All of these measures are suggestive of the fact that the militant is now considered by the international security authorities to be a major threat. While he is not the leader of Al Qaeda, it seems that he has become quite prominent in that terrorist group. It may also be possible that those terrorists want him to be the next leader.

Qatar now wants to connect with this militant through Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Al Thani possibly to control the next generation of terrorism.

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