Yemeni Official: Qatar Has Been Providing All Kinds of Support to Houthis

Fahad al-Sharafi, the head of the Yemeni Media Association and information minister counselor of Yemen, has stated that it is shameful that Qatar has been supporting the Houthis, not only militarily but also politically. Moreover, Qatar was also using its Al Jazeera network to spread negative influence.

The support of Qatar for the Houthis is not new. In fact, Qatar has been supporting the Houthis along with Iran since the extremist group first started its operations. However, it was not until 2007 that this support became clear and well-known when Qatar directly interfered to protect the Houthis from elimination. In various ways, they provided the support that the Houthis needed, including weapons and logistical support, to increase their influence. This has been instrumental in making the extremist group a major force in Yemen again. In turn, this has resulted in the ongoing war in Yemen.
Qatar’s leaders are now directly supporting the Houthi cause. This can be easily noticed in the way Al Jazeera is providing coverage of the Houthis. The channel, already known for its extremist views and pro-terrorist stance, has been using its network to spread Houthi propaganda. Instead of bringing to light the sufferings of the Yemeni people, they showcased Houthis.


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