5 Scientific Reasons Why Having a Cup of Tea is Not a Bad Idea

After spending another night with only few hours of sleep, you might give yourself into chain-drinking caffeinated liquids. In case you are not drinking tea to shed off the exhaustion, you will know that there is something even more comforting than brew.

However, instead of questioning, is having eight cups of tea on a daily basis really too many? Here, we will focus on the question, whose round it is next?

Take a look at the scientific reasons why you can go for yet another cup of tea.

Prevents Type2 Diabetes

A recent study has found out that drinking tea on a regular basis will help in truncating the risk of Type2 diabetes. This is because it will help to smooth out the rise in the blood sugar level. Tea has polyphenol, the chemical compound which blocks the absorption of sugar in the bloodstream.

Trims the Risk of Dementia

When it comes to short-term benefits, it will help the blood sugar. However, long-term benefits include improved mental health. Research has shown that black tea can reduce the cognitive damage by almost 50%.

Combats Infection  

People across the world already know that the best thing that you can provide when someone is feeling is a strong brew. In fact, a study showed that it is not just helping you to feel better but is also enabling your body to combat infection and enhance the immune system.

Helps Women to Live Younger

There is a good new for people who are worried about aging.  A scientific research showed that women who drank two cups of tea on a regular basis have 40% more chances of surviving than the ones who do not drink the builders brew.

Maintaining Youthful Good Looks

It appears like you are going to live longer with all these tea drinking. The best part is you will also look good while doing this. The substance in tea is related to skin-cell rejuvenation.


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