Administration of Trump to Take Serious Standpoint against the International Criminal Court

The United States has taken the decision to adopt a posture which will be aggressive for the International Criminal Court. They have threatened the ICC judges that they will take serious actions against them if they proceed with the ongoing investigation against the allegations which have been made for the war crimes that have been committed by the residents of America in Afghanistan. President of the US, Donald Trump and his national security adviser, John Bolton will be making the announcement in a speech that will be held in the midday session. The speech will be to the Federalist Society which is a conservative group situated in Washington.
The draft which has been made for the speech to be delivered at the midday session mentions that the US will be using all the necessary means for seeing the protection of the citizens of the country and those who are the allies from the unjust prosecution by the illegitimate court of the country as well. It will be John Bolton’s first major address since he joined the Trump White House. He will also say that the State Department has taken the decision to announce the conclusion of the Palestine Liberation Organization office in Washington. It is just out of the concern about several attempts of Palestine to prompt the investigation of Israel which are being done under the International Criminal Court. It has also been assured by the country that they will always stand by their friend and ally, Israel.
Palestinians also said that they felt like going to the ICC despite all the setbacks which they faced. They also gave a description of the closure of the PLO mission which was planned from before as the pressure tactic was done by president Trump. The tactic was to fund a particular UN agency for the refugees of Palestine and Jerusalem. He also tried to give funds to some of the hospitals in the East Jerusalem which the Palestinians want to be their capital of the future state.


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