Afghan Peace Talks can Bring Results, Hopes General Scott Miller of USA

The Commander of the US troops in Afghanistan, General Scott Miller, hoped that the peace talks might bring the coveted ceasefire to the 17- year long war. He, however, wants his troops to be prepared for all types of consequences of the talks. He advised the troops to be ready for the negative or positive consequences of the deliberation. For the uninitiated, this is the first time that this peace talks got so much momentum.
General Miller, who also oversees the NATO troops in Afghanistan, had once again insisted the importance of the political deal between the countries to end this ordeal. He, however, did not talk about anything regarding the rumours about the withdrawal of half of the troops from Afghanistan. A Whitehouse official has already stated that the US President has not yet ordered the withdrawal. The rumor of withdrawal of forces, however, has not denied by the United States administration.
The war started after the twin tower attack took place in September 2001. The United States government sent the troops to topple the Taliban government from power. The war has not stopped since and killed 140,000 people in this long 17 years. According to the US government, the war has cost them almost a trillion dollars.
In 2019, the peace talks have started. Since then, the opposing sides have met thrice to make a deal. These talks have brought a unique opportunity for the countries that have been fighting every so often for near about 40 years. The ordeal started in 1970 when the US-backed Afghan Guerrillas fought the Soviet Union Forces.
Taliban is trying to make the best of the situation. In a statement, the militant group has said that their fight efforts have made the invading westerners stop and deliberate about the situation. They are trying to make this look like their victory.

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