Afghan President Lays on the Blame on Pakistan to have ‘Keys to War’

President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday expressed his deep resentment on Pakistan’s involvement with the wars. He has condemned Pakistan for having the main keys to the deadly wars. The president was quite vocal about his opinion and said that places like Quetta, Islamabad, Rawalpindi are the breeding ground for wars.

At an interview in the Presidential Palace office, Ghani revealed that Pakistan has become the secured haven for conducting all sorts of cross-border militant activities. Time and again this neighbouring country has been passively supporting the Afghan Taliban. The war-torn country is in search of respite from the attacks and riots.

The president said, unlike Pakistan and its government, the Afghan government wants to promote peace in every form. They don’t believe in blood shed. Even a decade ago, the country had the key to peace. However, constant interference of the Taliban has made it plight to survive. If sources are to be believed, talks between the US & Taliban will come to an end. This may give Afghanistan the much-needed momentum, that the countrymen longed for the last 17 years.

Apart from the US, China is also taking an active part to promote peace and harmony in the country mitigating the Taliban. However, there’s no involvement from the side of Pakistan. The president has accused his neighbouring country is backing Taliban with every possible mean.

To this group of extremists, the Afghan government is illegitimate. However, the president finds no legitimacy in the killing of innocent civilians by the Talibans. He is hopeful in the coming days, if Pakistan stops nurturing the militants, Afghanistan will restore its peace.

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