African Leaders Pledge to Overthrow Islamic Extremism during Macron Visit

Some African heads of state have promised to contribute towards the continent’s effort to improve security measures and overpower the jihadis. During the 31st African Union Summit, it was found that jihadis remain prominent in the parts of Nigeria and Sahel region.

On 2nd July, French President Emmanuel Macron reached Nouakchott in order to carry out talks with Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. The purpose of this meeting is to discussing issues like getting rid of Islamic extremism and finding out ways to finance counter-terrorism. Macron also wants to discuss issued on peacemaking operations.

The meeting comes soon after al-Qaeda’s Mali branch took responsibility of the three attacks which took place in three days on successive basis. The first attack took place at the G5 Sahel military headquarters on 29th June. The second attack took place on Saturday as the Malian soldiers were attacked by land mines. On 1st July, a suicide bomb killed four civilians. During Monday’s meeting both Macron and Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz condemned the attacks.

Aziz stated that the relationship between France and Mauritania have made tremendous progress. The progress has been made in areas like health, energy, security and defense. He further claimed that French President even supported the G5 Sahel regional force which has been detrimental in fighting extremism and organized crime. The regional force also made great efforts for promoting development and stopping illicit trafficking.

Macron expressed that he wants to make full use of this opportunity in order to mark his engagement and renew the links between France and Africa, and also between Africa and Europe. From the meeting Macron expects to come to a conclusion of redeployment of forces in Africa.

African President stated that his continent requires an immediate all-inclusive approach in order to deal with the extremist forces. However, Macron hopes that the bilateral relationship between France and Africa moves beyond security and look forward to development projects and economic improvements.


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