Aid Couldn’t Reach Natives Living in Desert Camp in Syria

Around forty-five lorries were expected to reach the Rukban camp by 27th October; however, it failed to reach the camp on its scheduled date. The Rukban camp received aid in January.
Access to Rukban is being managed by Syria’s army as it’s close to the US-backed rebel base.
There have been reports about children dying due to dearth of proper healthcare at the camp and also inferior sanitary conditions. UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock informed the Security Council that the acute humanitarian condition can’t be allowed to remain the same. The UN is ready and inclined to go ahead with the convoy right away.
The Rukban camp is considered to be one of the most serious places in Syria. The camp consists of a group of 10800 makeshift tents and mud huts in the remotest areas of the nation. According to UN reports 80% people grounded at Rukban are women and children. They started to reach this area after fleeing Syria which was previously managed by the IS militant group. The refugees wanted to enter Jordan; however, the border was sealed after a bomb attack killed six soldiers.
The residents of the camp had to depend on the UN aid since Jordan stopped sending occasional aid. However, over the last few months with the Syrian government blocking the roads to the camp; following the collapse of a compromise deal with the militia in the area. This resulted in the price of the food and basic supplies increasing.
Dr. Hussam Al Fakir of the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM) charity stated the incidence to be crude and illegal under international law to decline aid to the civilians. Children are facing from malnutrition and are drinking contaminated water. Even the condition of a pregnant woman at the camp is very tragic. Unicef corresponded that two children died as they didn’t have any access to the hospital.


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