Al Jazeera condemned for Houthi Support

Al Jazeera which is a news network based in Qatar has prompted a storm in Twitter due to its coverage of the ballistic missile attack on the civilians of Saudi Arabia. The attack was launched by the Houthi rebels in Yemen.

In the several cities of Saudi Arabia, seven ballistic missiles were fired. Out of these seven missiles three were stopped by the systems of Saudi Defense Patriot in the capital city of Riyadh. Rest of the four missiles attacked the cities of Khamis Mushait, Najran and Jazan.

On Sunday night, the Houthis rebels fired the missiles. The Arab coalition said that the attack has killed one civilian of Egypt and has injured two other men. The attack saw huge condemnation from UN, Pakistan, Bahrain, UAE and several other countries.

Al Jazeera was accused for providing a platform to the Houthi militants. Minutes after the attack happened, the Houthis commented on the news network. The network broke the news, that the ballistic missile attack has hit the targets in Saudi Arabia. But the Kingdom of the Saudi made confirmed statements that the Saudi air defense forces have destroyed the missiles.

A footage was recorded before the attack in which the leader of the Houthis, Abdulmalik Al-Houthi said that they will be threatening Saudi Arabia with advanced air-crafts and missile systems. This footage was even aired in Al Jazeera along with the news of ballistic missile attack.

Several Twitteratis were critical of the footage that was aired by Al Jazeera about the firing of the ballistic missiles. Many tweets overflowed and trended with the hashtags, Qatar media support Houthi.


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