Al Jazeera: A Mouthpiece for the Terrorists

The top religious body of Saudi Arabia accused Al Jazeera for being an organization which serves as a mouthpiece of the terrorists. The accusation was made by the religious body after the TV showed footages of the Houthis in Yemen firing ballistic missiles in the cities of Saudi Arabia. The first condemnation was directly done by the state religious body of pan-Arab TV Channel which raged up the 10 months old feud between Doha and Riyadh as the tensions in Iran were mounting up.

The pan-Arab TV channel said in a statement that history won’t be forgotten, that Al Jazeera which is based in Qatar helped the terrorists in spreading their propaganda and they are still doing the same. The Channel is airing the footages of the speeches made by the leader of Houthis. The clerics made a statement that, the channel has been warned for several years for its suspicious activities which in turn spread division and chaos in the country.

The forces in Saudi Arabia said that, before midnight they have destroyed three missiles that were fired by the Houthis in the three cities of Riyadh namely Jizan, Khamis Mushait and Najran. The Houthi group aligns itself with the Sunni Saudi Arabia and belongs to a sect of Shiite Muslim. On Monday, the spokesperson of the Saudi Military, Col. Turki Al-Malki said that the coalition which is led by the Saudis will be fighting the Houthis with appropriate plans and measures.

In June, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia will cut of its ties with Qatar on trade and travel on the accusations of backing the hate-groups of Islam and Iraq.


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