Al Shabaab Growing Stronger in Somalia

A car had driven to the Ugandan military base in Bulamer, Somalia and blew it up in the morning of 1st April. 46 Ugandan soldiers died and this was just the begging of the series of attacks that were yet to be done by Al Shabaab. Another suicide attack was done on the convoy of reinforcement.

In the recent months, Al Shabaab which is an Islamic radical group has organized many attacks like this. This has put a lot of pressure on the government of Somalia and the peacekeeping mission of the African Union. From Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, and Djibouti, the AMISOM has collected around 22,000 troops. 18 people were killed in Mogadishu in February due to the twin car bombings.

As per a recent analysis, the terror and militant group is possibly the strongest in all these years as they are capable of launching bold attacks which will penetrate into Mogadishu with assassinations and bombings.

Al Shabaab also has an adaptive and cohesive organization which has governing, intelligence and military structures which are capable of exposing the spies and launching of infantry operations.

Since 2016, the US has conducted more than 40 air strikes and commando raids. These air strikes and commando raids were capable of killing the militants of Al Shabaab. Somalia lacks an army which is nationally true, and who are most eager to align themselves with the local tribal forces. The procurement of the failure of Al Shabaab by the government in Somalia cannot take into account the face value.

Al Shabaab cannot be stopped only by ground raids and air strikes organized by the US. A senior official of the African Union said the drone attacks are wiping out the members of Al Shabaab in good numbers.


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