Americans are stuck in the Lebanon War

Thousands of American citizens got stranded in the 2006 Lebanon war which occurred between Israel and Hezbollah. As Lebanese targets were bombed by the Israeli jets and rockets by Hezbollah grounded at Israel, the government of US overcame the challenges of logistics which included dangerous roads, bombed out airports and the failure by the bureaucrats to evacuate thousands of citizens which were estimated to be 25,000 at that time.

Even after 10 years the war between Hezbollah and Israel remains on the brink. The US which is unprepared now has left behind thousands of its citizen at the mouth of the conflict. It’s high time for US to plan the evacuation measures and learn from the mistakes it made in 2006.

Former defense official Mara Karlin said that a war is inevitable between Hezbollah and Israel for the second time. Hezbollah is instigating the Israeli forces which are indirectly claiming that it wants another war. The Secretary General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah said that the Hezbollah rockets can reach the Zionist area any time and during any war. Nasrallah is threatening Israel in many other ways. He said that if any unit of Israel enter Lebanon they will be defeated even the nuclear reactor of Israel in Dimona is being threatened. Since 2006, the Hezbollah’s have strengthened its military and the Israeli forces have estimated that Hezbollah has nearly 150,000 missiles and rockets.

If a war breaks out now, the amount of destruction which will be caused will be much more than that of 2006. Hezbollah’s strength is much more than that of Israel in spite of its much improved defenses in anti-missile. In 2006, the war in Lebanon witnessed 4,000 rockets coming in and killing 50 Israeli civilians, 120 Defense Forces soldiers and 300,000 Israeli civilians left their homes and fled away. The Israeli governing coalition warned that if a war happens with Hezbollah now it will claim more lives in the Lebanon side.


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