Amnesty International Deprives Myanmars Suu Kyi of Conscience Award

Amnesty International has revoked its most prestigious human rights prize from Aung San Suu Kyi, charging the Myanmar leader of extending human rights abuses and for not talking about the violence carried out against the Rohingya Muslim minority.
Suu Kyi who was once recognized as a champion against the fight for democracy; however, over the issue of Rohingya exodus last year, a series of international honors were taken away from her. Over
700000 members of the stateless group escaped into Bangladesh in order to avert the suppression and torture initiated by the Myanmar military. The suppression of the Rohingyas started in response to the Rohingya insurgent attacks on the security forces.
While the UN authorized investigators found the military guilty of letting loose a campaign of killings, arson, and rape but Suu Kyi’s administration dismissed the allegations. Hence, Amnesty International stated that the as Suu failed to protect its citizens and didn’t held the military forces accountable for their action and allowed violence to continue against the Rohingya’s, it is a mere treason from the values which she used to advocate. Thus, the Secretary General of the global advocacy organization stated they have conveyed their decision to Suu Kyii that they would be revoking the award from her as she doesn’t represent hope, courage, and protection of human rights.
Canada’s parliament voted for removing the honorary citizenship from Suu Kyi. Similarly, some critics urged that the 1991 noble Peace Prize to be taken away from her.
Amnesty International stated that Suu Kyi didn’t denounce the military abuses during the conflict between the ethnic minority guerrillas and army. In fact, Suu Kyi’s government even couldn’t prevent attacks on freedom of speech. Hence, it feels that the top honors should be taken away from her.

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