Amnesty International: Myanmar Hindus Killed By Armed Rohingya

A Rohingya group which was armed carried out much destruction in the Hindu villagers of Myanmar where conflicts are going on the wracked Rakhine state which was concluded by the reports given by the Amnesty International. Ethnic conflict has started in the Southeast Asian country from some years back.  The military was accused of the slaughtering members from the community of Muslim Rohingya minority in a country which has the maximum number of Buddhists there. But according to the new report which was given from the human rights organization proposed that a Rohingya group which is known as the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army killed as many as 99 Hindu men, women and children. There was also the case of abduction of Hindu villagers.

The government of Myanmar has made a justification on the crackdown on the residents who are all Rohingya which said that they were trying to suppress the armed revolution held after the attacks on the posts for the police. It has been responded by the Rohingya which also has a suggestion that the communities will be suffering unequal and indiscriminate reprisals from the government which will be the result.

While the authorities of Myanmar were accused by the Amnesty International report of the fact that they are organizing a frenzy which is full of killings, burnings and tortures on the villagers which were actually targeted at the Rohigya community drived a mass exodus to the neighboring country Bangladesh also. The report also said that no atrocities were found to justify the abductions, the tortures and destruction and other abuses which was actually committed by the Hindu villagers.

Accountability which was done for the atrocities of the communities is as crucial as the crimes which have been committed by the armed forces of security of Myanmar against the humanity in the northern part of Rakhine State.


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