Amnesty: Military of Nigeria Committed Inhuman War Crimes

The military of Nigeria have committed war and also crimes against humanity which includes torture and killing of civilians during the war was fought against the Boko Haram which is known to be the Islamic Insurgency. This was confirmed or rather specified by Amnesty International, the human rights group. The crimes which were done penetrated for long years and this has been continuing despite the inquiry which was made by the President. The inquiry was established in the month of august last year but the findings were not made public.

A statement which was released mentioned descriptions about the findings of the Amnesty International by Nigerian military. The findings were declared as false report on the incidents of rape and tortures in internally displaced person camps located in the north east area of Nigeria. The reports of the Amnesty lack reliability which was said by the statement released by the President. The report which is a total of 89 pages have full of information which is based on several interviews and is completed with real incidents and accounts of tortured villagers, sexual violence and other abuses too. The conflict killed as many as 30000 people and is thought to be the worst humanitarian crisis on earth.

Nigeria has waged a war against Boko Haram for almost over nine years and it has now become a powerful offshoot which is named as Islamic State West Africa. The country has been successful to fight alongside Cameroon, Niger and Chad. They have all been receiving the support of United States along with France and Great Britain. The rights groups, journalists and aid organizations have made documentations on the abuses made by the military which has resulted into nothing and no action have been taken from the side of armed forces too.


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