Assad has Blamed West of Fuelling Syrian War with an Expectation of Toppling His Regime

Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President has an accusation against West that it is fueling the war which has crippled the country for over seven years for enacting a regime change. Mr. Assad has mentioned in an interview that UK, US, and France made false statements about the use of the chemical weapons of his regime against the town people.

The Syrian leader reiterated the long-held position; uprising against his rule had been orchestrated in order to remove a government which doesn’t cooperate with Western policies of the Middle East. In the West, the whole approach towards Syria is that they have to change this government and have to demonise the president as they do not suit their policies anymore.

Bashar al-Assad mentions that he has always said that in less than a year he is going to solve the conflict and it is not that complicated. The things which have made it complicated is the external interference. He believes that the more they advance the more support the terrorists are going to receive from the West. He thinks that the more advances he makes militarily and politically, the more that the West, particularly the UK, US, and France is going to try to prolong it and make the solution much further from the Syrians.

Syria has an alliance with Russia and Iran while sharing a turbulent relationship with the West. It is basically a war with Israel that occupies the Syrian Golan Heights but the cease-fire has been in place since 1970s.

The Syrian conflict had broken out in the year 2011.  It began with peaceful protest against several years of rule by the Assad family.  The violent response of the government to protest and the gradual rise of an armed insurgency had tipped the country into a civil war which has claimed about half a million lives. Since then the government have been accused by the Independent experts and Western Nations of carrying out many chemical weapon attacks.


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