Australian police prevents potential terror attack by arresting 3 suspects

Australia a steadfast supporter of the US had sent numerous mercenaries to fight in Iran and Afghanistan in the previous wars. Intercepting the chances of these home bound militants to provoke acts of terrorism, the Australian government did not rule out the chances of a militant terror attack.
As per their predictions soon enough a man ended up setting fires to a cylinder truck and stabbed a citizen. He was then cornered and shot by the police. Being on high alert, the Australian federal and state police soon joined hands with Joint Counter Terrorism Team to screen out potential terrorists. Soon enough they found 3 guilty civilians who were planning a ‘mass attack’ in the city of Melbourne. The police after their inspection found out the 3 men named Samed Erikioglu, Hanifi Halis and Ertunc Erikioglu allegedly tied to acquire a gun to attack a mass gathering. These individuals were further known to the police who detained their passports. After a thorough investigation, the police found out concrete proof confirming the group’s plan to induce a terror attack. Apparently, the Australian police force discovered 10,500 encrypted messages along with 17,000 intercepted phone calls which were quite shady.
The police claimed breaking the encrypted codes would require more time, but these clearly indicate a hidden agenda to instill fear among citizens. To prevent actions like these from harming the peace of Australia, the government has now petitioned to Facebook and Apple to allow them access to private encrypted messages online.
Further, on the cross-questioning of the culprits, the police force concluded the attackers were not militants but civilians inspired by the Islamic laws. These brainwashed individuals if not detained would rush oversees and plan more acts of terror. The government with the arrest of these 3 terrorists is now tightening their security and striving to work towards arresting any suspicious individuals present.
With all these plans ahead the Australian federal and state police pledged to make the country a safer one once again.

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