This Badass Professor Recruited Warriors to Rescue a College Student from an ISIS War Zone

Few educationists are truly concerned about their pupils. One would be able to find some tutors who go out of their way to mentor or provide personal advice to the students, and even take great interest to find a solution for the struggles that his/her student’s might be facing.

One such educator, whose name is worthy of mention is Charlotta Turner. Turner, a professor of analytical chemistry who teaches at Sweden’s Lund University, on learning that one of her doctoral students was in hiding in an Islamic State war zone, send a heavily-armed warrior group to save the student and his family.

Under Turner, Firas Jumaah was doing his doctorate thesis when he received a frightening text message from his wife. Jumnaah’s wife was at home in northern Iraq with their two young children. The message read that the ISIS fighters had occupied an adjoining Yazidi village and were killing the men and the imprisoning women. Hence, after receiving the message Jumaanh took the first plane and reached Iraq.

After reaching Iraq and with his panicked family, Jumnaah packed up some of the belongings and shifted them to a hideout in a deserted bleach factory. The family could however hear the sounds of ISIS gun fire getting close with every passing day. Amid the chaos, Jumnaah sent a text message to the Professor Turner to inform that he won’t be able to complete his doctorate thesis. He told the professor about his pitiable state. However, he thought that his supervisor won’t be able to do anything for her.

However, Turner turned out to be more than a mere professor. Turner later told that the things that were taking place weren’t at all acceptable. In a bid to help, Turner reached out to Lund University’s security chief, Per Gustafson, to look into the matter so that something could be done. Turner along with Gustafson hired a team of soldiers from a security company in order to make the mission a successful one.

Within days, four soldiers totally armed entered the bleach factory, packed Jumnaah and his family into the vehicles and it to Erbil Airport, which is 55 miles east of Mosul. Now, Jumnaah is safe in Sweden.

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