Bangladeshi Rohingya Refugee Camps Are Afraid After Killings

Thousands of police are being deployed by Bangladesh to the Rohingya refugee camps located to the south. There has been a series of unexplained killings in the camps which have caused fear in the innumerable people who are now living in the camps, having escaped from neighboring Myanmar. This has caused Bangladesh to ramp up the security of the camps.

In August 2017, a military crackdown took place in Myanmar forcing most of the Muslim minority to leave and seek refuge in neighboring Bangladesh. The camps where the Rohingyas live are immensely crowded. Recently, 19 people have been killed, some of whom were community leaders.

Various arrests have been made by the police in connection with a few of the killings. However, the police have stated that the motives are still unclear. What is clear is that these killings take place after dark. Usually, groups of men are involved wielding knives, pistols and sticks.

These killings have affected the atmosphere of the camps, spreading fear all around. During the day, the Bangladesh army guards the camps. However, there are fewer police officers at night.

Over 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have sought shelter in the district of Cox’s Bazar since last August. They joined the several thousands who had already built camps which made it the biggest and fastest growing camp for refugees in the world.

The fact is that violence did occur even before the exodus last August. That violence was previously blamed by the aid workers and police on a struggle to gain control of the supplies.


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