Beware, Gunman At Large! 12 Injured and 3 Killed in French Christmas Market, Strasbourg

With the tension of the yellow vests rioting in Paris Street, France doesn’t seem to have it easy. Last Tuesday reports claim that a 29-year-old gunman opened fire in the peaceful French Christmas market at Strasbourg.

The man as stated by the police was previously infamous for a string of criminal activities. As per news reports, the man started his firing on a peaceful gathering at the Christmas Gathering in Palace Kleber.  His abrupt attack killed 3 people while injuring 12 individuals gravely.
As the shots were heard by the cops, few rushed to fight and in the crossfire, the gunman got injured and fled in a taxi. Currently, the police are investigating his disappearance and he left his flat and probably town.
However, the killer is still at large and hence, the French government has instructed people to stay inside their homes. Currently, the French interior minister, Christophe Castaner has raised border security in attempts to curb down acts of violence. The French Counter Terrorism prosecutor has recently filed an investigation for a manhunt. Soon enough steps are being taken to bring in this rabid gunman.

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