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British Owned Qatar Controlled Bank Linked With Terror Funding

Reports confirm that a British bank Al-Rayan Bank that is controlled by Qatar, is actually providing financial services to numerous British organizations linked to extremists. This confirms the fact that Qatar continues to fund the terrorist factions in one way or the other.

Surprisingly, the account was registered under the name of a charity. The charity has already been labeled as a terrorist organization and was banned in the US for supporting hard-line hate preachers and a mosque whose trustee is a Hamas leader, have accounts in the bank.

Qatar has been shadowing these allegations for the longest time while it continues to engage in such hate crime and mind games. In a security clampdown, western banks froze and closed the accounts of Al-Rayan bank clients.

Also, the chief executive of the bank until April Sultan Choudhury who also was the director of the British affiliate of an international religious institute has come into scrutiny because of allegations over several speakers and instructors of that group that advocated child marriage, female circumcision and death penalty for adultery and apostasy.

Surprisingly, America isn’t being able to see through these games being played by Qatar. While it has a strong stand against Iran, Trump’s treatment to the Emir of Qatar makes it clear, that they are oblivious of Qatar’s dubious dealings.

Political analysts are right in suggesting that the United States must apply similar pressure to disrupt the emirate’s disturbing links to terror and extremist groups. Independent media investigations have been constantly exposing Qatar involvement in terror funding.

A recentWall Street Journal investigation also implicated the same by mentioning how several of its most prominent citizens in assisting foreign terrorist groups.

Financier Khalifa al-Subaiy is noted for his connection to senior figures in al-Qaeda, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed – the architect of the 9/11 attacks. Al-Subaiy was first put on a United Nations terror blacklist in 2008 for repeatedly providing financial aid to terrorists.

Others named in the investigation include former Qatari football chief, Abd al-Rahman bin Umayr al-Nuaymi, and financier, Abd al-Latif Bin Abdallah Salih Muhammad al-Kawari.

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