Brussels Wants UK to Remain In European Rights Court

The European Union wants the United Kingdom to remain tied to the European court of human rights even after Brexit. This is certain to anger the Conservative party representatives who want a complete break with the court, which is based in Strasbourg.

A document that outlines the position of the European Commission on future police and judicial cooperation states that a guillotine clause will be placed on any possible security deal if the UK leaves the court’s remit.

The European human rights court is completely separate to the institutions of the European Union. It was established after World War II to settle disputes regarding the European convention of human rights. However, many Tories have long wanted the UK to leave this court. According to them, it restricts the sovereignty of the UK parliament.

Before the Brexit referendum, current PM Theresa May had stated that the UK must leave irrespective of the results of the referendum. She argued that the court can hamper UK parliamentary proceedings while adding nothing to the country’s prosperity. She also stated that it can reduce the security of the UK by stopping dangerous foreign nationals from deportation.

The commission document has clearly stated that the UK must remain within the European convention on human rights framework. This is considered to be a major safeguard for the European Union.

The European Union has already warned the United Kingdom that it is not going to reveal its security framework to a ‘third country’. This is because doing so will not only limit the control it has over data but also weaken the group’s autonomy.


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