Can Inter-School Sports be the best Platform to Train Athletes for Special Olympics?

The schools across Dubai along with the Special need center have joined together with the aim to identify the sporting talent. Since the Special Olympic Game is just round the corner it is the perfect time to nurture the spirit of sports in the minds of the children with disabilities.

Opinion of the Teachers

The children with special needs will be stimulated and motivated if games are introduced along with education. The teachers feel that though the results will not be immediate they will be able to identify the Emirati students who will be able to represent the country in the future. The aim is to train the students from the school-level itself so that they can easily take part in the inter-school competition and Special Olympics.

Who All Are Chosen?

Around thirty students suffering from developmental disabilities like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, Down syndrome and autism have been identified for the training. The age of the students ranges between eleven to twenty-five years. These students are regulars at the center where they are trained in piano, martial arts, yoga and cooking. Some of them study in the school and they have signed up at the center to learn art, music, and theatre after school hours.

Plans to Extend the Project

The center has collaborated with the Ambassador School and they hope to spread the project to the other schools as well. Ms. Khazanchi has stated that this initiative is experimental and the students will get selected on the basis of their ability. Through the platforms of sports and music, everyone can be bound to one string. The journey will be quite tough and it will take a long time to deliver results.

Students are Volunteering

The students of the Ambassador are volunteering at the center for a year but the introduction of the new program has led to the opening of the school campuses to the children with special needs to practice extra-curricular activities. The Tender Hearts students have been paired with the students of Ambassadors and it is hoped that strong bonds will develop among them.

Aim of the Initiative

The initiative aims to bring the students who love sports close to each other. The students can utilize the bigger campus and master the extra-curricular activities. They aim to include more children into the initiative and open multiple special need centers. It is hoped that by 2015, Dubai will turn into a disability-friendly city.


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