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Cash of UK Tax Fraud Was Used To Fund Al Qaeda Leader

Cash of UK Tax Fraud Was Used To Fund Al Qaeda Leader

Britain’s national security adviser is facing questions from MPs on Monday over assertion that cash from huge UK tax frauds was used to finance Osama bin Laden while he was in hiding after the 11 September terrorist attacks in some part of the US.

British gangsters behind highly-arranged criminal activities sent about £80 million overseas that was used to finance terrorist training camps and to back the elusive Al Qaeda leader while he was in Pakistan.

Some of the details over how the money was send to the terrorist network were divulged when a rejected laptop was found in Afghanistan by UK and US intelligence officers while looking for Osama bin Laden.

It stated that intelligence convened by British security agency MI5 indicated that some of the money from the frauds, which was said to be around £8 billion, reached the compound in Abbottabad where the Al Qaeda leader was killed in 2011.

The network of British Asian gangs was examined for over a 20-year period and its members supposedly penetrated government agencies and depraved politicians as part of their furtive money-making activities.


Mid-ranking members of the group have been jailed but the full story of the gang has not been told because of court-ordered reporting restrictions put in place after the group’s kingpins allegedly fled to the Middle East, the newspaper said. They remain on the run.

On Monday, a senior MP informed the newspaper that she would question the prime minister’s national security adviser, Mark Sedwill, over allegation that information disclosed by tax officials was not passed on to counter-terrorist chiefs.

The allegation that information was not being shared with the security services is bizarre, said MP Meg Hillier, who heads a parliament committee looking into public finances. They don’t know why it happened in this case.

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