EU to save migrants at sea as bloc emphasizes border control

According to a European rights watchdog, the EU has taken a hard and restrictive stance on migration and is…

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UN main requires arms embargo against Libya

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is acerb advancement all countries to apparatus a U.N. accouterments embargo adjoin Libya, adage actionable weapons…

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Ali Khamenei

Iran comfortable in increasing uranium power; Europe gets the jitters

The Iranian supreme leader has made an open threat to Europe, in apparently the same speech in which Ayatollah…

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European human rights court case was opened against Turkey because of the ban on Wikipedia

Wikipedia is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation, Turkey’s filed a lawsuit to the European Court of Human Rights two…

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Time for action on the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in Europe

The fight against the Muslim Brotherhood must be at the top of theagenda of the next Gulf Cooperation Council…

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Islamophobia in europe

Feelings of anti-Muslimism in Europe are manifest recently with headscarf bans

Only a week left to the European Parliament elections. When politicians accelerated their election campaigns and Europeans focused their…

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iran architect

From Palestinian to Iranian Media: Israel Is Stronger and Future is Not Foreseen

Iran’s Tasnim News made a long and important interview with a Palestinian named Ali Reza Soltan-Shahi on Tuesday. The…

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us-qatar airlines

US restrictions on Qatar Airways could lead to corruption in aviation agreements: airlines

Washington pledged that US lawmakers would not add new domestic flights to US airlines in the US, according to…

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iran vs europe

What is Iran’s problem with Europe?

  Trump constantly warns our European allies for their cooperation with the Iranian regime. So, recent developments between Tehran and…

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