Saudi Arabia


Why Did Bashir’s Empire Fall?

If it was not for his lack of vision of what was taking over Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir’s three-decade-long…

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houthi militias

“Hypocrite” Rohani rejects war because Iranian drones target Saudi civilians

Iran, “will not wage war against any nation,” he said. President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday – when two…

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Houthis target Saudi civilian plant in Najran with explosive-laden drone

Houthi militants, the Arab Coalition supporting the legitimate government of Yemen, said on Tuesday that it is trying to…

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Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt want Qatar to stop financing terrorist groups

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt urged Qatar to stop funding terrorist groups and to respect the rights of migrant…

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Iran flag

Iranian disinformation campaign targeted Israelis

An Iranian disinformation campaign targeting the Israelis continues to be active, a report by the Citizen Lab, published by…

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Proof of cooperation between Iran and Al Qaeda

It is a common misconception that Iran’s non-Shiite terrorist groups and militias do not cooperate with the Shiite as…

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saudi arabia vs yemen

Arab coalition rejects Yemen claims

The Joint Action Team (JIAT) of the Arab coalition rejected allegations on airstrikes and rights abuses in Yemen on…

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