taliban fighters

The cease-fire for the Taliban is not easy

Presumably, without any incentive or coercion to meet with the Afghan government at this time, the Taliban rejected President…

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Qatar ! TALIBAN’s second home

In a video released Friday, Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai ,the Taliban diplomate said that : United States is on the verge…

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zalmay khalizad

The brutal Taliban violence is in pursuit of ‘slowness’ in Afghan talks

The US envoy pointed out that talks with the Taliban in ending the war in Afghanistan…

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Nine of the Kabul aid groups killed in the Taliban attack

Following another attack on humanitarian groups targeting aid workers in Afghanistan on Thursday, authorities confirmed that…

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Targeted explosion relief organization in Kabul

Afghan officials said the Taliban militants ran ahead of Wednesday on a central Kabul compound that…

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A new round of US-Taliban talks will begin in Doha: Taliban

A new round of peace talks between the Taliban and the United States begins on Wednesday, an official for…

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zalmay khalizad

Taliban: New round of negotiations with US ambassador to peace

The Taliban said that a new round of rounds with US ambassador to peace Zalmay Khalilzad would start in…

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UN senior official meets Taliban negotiators in Qatar

The top official in Afghanistan, the top official in the United Nations, said that the movement’s chief negotiator met…

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us troops

The focus of the next US negotiations: Taliban

The upcoming talks between the Taliban and the United States will focus on the timeline of withdrawing all foreign…

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The Afghan delegation’s visit to Qatar was postponed due to its opposition to the Taliban

The planned visit by the Afghan delegation to Qatar was postponed due to the Taliban’s entry into the list…

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