Trump Side Steps Qatar’s Influence Peddling of American Educational Institutions

What has left many political analysts and counter-terrorism experts foxed is as to why Trump did entertain Emir of…

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Iran Is Ready For Talks With US?

It is reported that Iran is open to conversations with the United States, provided the latter is…

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Argentina Wants Hezbollah Group to be Designated as Terrorist Faction

It now confirmed that the Iranian led Hezbollah Group is now being designated as a terrorist group….

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US Might Have Plans to Blacklist Iran’s Foreign Minister

The US is playing a game of diplomacy and pressure again, as it withholds its idea of blacklisting the…

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Nabih Berri

Nabih Berri: US sanction is an “Assault” on Lebanese people

US sanctions on Hezbollah included two Hezbollah MPs and one top security official, as well as an ‘assault’ on…

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Trump Meeting With Emir Does Not Get Media Access

In the middle of the pro-terrorism activities that continue between Qatar and its alliances, the Emir was able to…

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US Shakes Hand With Taiwan As China Shows Displeasure

In confirmed reports, it is stated that the U.S. State Department has approved the possible sale to Taiwan of…

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US site: Qatar the sponsor of war, hatred and terrorism

Qatar has tried each and every possible way to win Washington’s trust, Qatar even paid large sums of money…

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US think tank raises concern over Qatar’s increasing ties with Iran and Islamic extremists

US non-profit think tank, Hudson Institute, organised an event, to hold discussion over “Countering Violent Extremism: Qatar, Iran and…

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Iraq: six IS terrorist killed in 2 separate operations

As many as 6 Islamic State (IS) terrorist were killed in 2 separate operations carried out by US-led coalition…

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U.S.: Saudi Pipeline Attacks Started From Iraq

U.S. admiral accepts assured that bombinate attacks on Saudi Arabia’s oil industry in May were launched from Iraq, not…

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U.S. stated airstrike in Somalia kills one terrorist

The U.S. causes conducted an airstrike on Monday near to Jilib, Somalia, killing 1 militant, the U.S. Africa Command…

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Kushner: Trump wants a fair deal for Palestinians

Donald Trump, the US president’s adviser, and father-in-law, Jared Kushner, wants to make a fair deal for the Palestinians…

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The US works with Arab Coalition to prevent Iran from arming Houthis

Iran needs to use proxies to attack Saudi Arabia and destabilize the region. He told reporters on Friday that…

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Trump warns Iran to drop US aircraft in Strait of Hormuz is a big mistake

Donald Trump said Iran made a ”big mistake on Thursday when a US plane crashed near the Strait of…

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Game of Influence: Qatar strengthens its ties with Venezuela

In recent years Qatar, a small Gulf nation, has gone to great lengths to increase its influence in the…

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Idlib’s Assad must-see places Russia warns of “fake flag” chemical attacks

Stark warned that a humanitarian disaster continued in Idlib, Syria, the United Nations shook Tuesday, but the United States…

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America garner international consensus against Iran

Trump is certain it was Iran that has been behind most of the unpleasant incidents that are leading to…

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vice president

Turkey warns globe against FETO terror cluster disguise

Turkey’s carnality admiral on Monday warned the all-embracing association ad to join the ambiguous abuse attack by FETO, the…

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Iran wants to extend weapons of mass destruction

The Islamic Republic of Iran stated that the regional intelligence service of the state of Southern Bavaria was linked…

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Experts talk about Turkey-NATO dealings

Turkey’s acquirement of the Russian aegis arrangement S-400 is not an abstruse botheration but a political one, a German…

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war ship

The military official said Iran could sink the US warships with “secret weapons”

Iran could plunge US warships sent to the Gulf region using missiles and “secret weapons”, a senior Iranian military…

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Sadr opposes Iraq being a party to the US-Iran conflict

Anti-Iranian Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on all Iraqis to take to the streets in mass demonstrations across…

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Terrorists can provoke US-Iranian war: German FM

The German Foreign Minister said on Tuesday that terrorist groups could use the growing tension between the US and…

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U.S. states signs Syria may be utilizing chemical weapons, warns of fast response

The Us recognizes signs the Syrian govt might be using chemical substance weapons, including a stated chlorine attack on…

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Khalifa Hifter

Libyan Federal Army hires solid to forge nearer ties with the U.S.

A Libyan common having gained control over the Libyan city of Benghazi which is believed to have ties to…

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The US should not fall into the trap of the Iranian regime

The Middle East, particularly in the Arab Gulf region, has been dealing with high and growing tensions, with observers…

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US sanctions limit Iran’s ability to fund Hezbollah

In a report published in Washington on Saturday, the US’s latest wave of sanctions said Iran significantly blocked its…

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Mike Pompeo

Iran wicked games

Despite the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo efforts to encourage Iran to behave like a normal country!…

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Us militiary intelligence

Experts warned that Qatar may leak US military intelligence to Tehran

Qatar finds himself in a precarious position as international pressure on Iran increases. Experts are warning that there is…

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Iran Rejects US attempts to typecast Muslim Brotherhood

Iran isn’t happy with US’ plans to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, reports confirm this emotion…

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Iran Missiles

Is the tension between the US and Iran dangerous for Israel?

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon brought back Kenneth R. Timmerman, New York Times’s best-selling author, and investigative…

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Qatar fountation

Does the Qatar Foundation use university grants to fund radical individuals and groups on campus?

The environment at North American college campuses on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has reached toxic levels in recent years. Most…

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Google acts responsible, bans an app promoting AntiSemitism

In sudden turn of events on preventing hate social media material doing rounds, Google has taken a strong stand…

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Proof of cooperation between Iran and Al Qaeda

It is a common misconception that Iran’s non-Shiite terrorist groups and militias do not cooperate with the Shiite as…

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zalmay khalizad

The brutal Taliban violence is in pursuit of ‘slowness’ in Afghan talks

The US envoy pointed out that talks with the Taliban in ending the war in Afghanistan…

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The US Sends More Patriot Missiles to the Middle East to be ready for Iran

US Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan has approved the sending of a new Patriot missile…

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iran vs usa

Iranian cleric says US fleet ‘can be ruined with a single missile’

A high-ranking cleric in the Iranian government said Friday that a U.S. carrier strike group headed to the Persian…

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Sen. Duckworth: Kurdistan is model for Iraq; ISIS not defeated

“I consider what the Kurds have been capable of doing,” US Senator Tammy Duckworth claimed earlier this week, “sets…

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u.s. b-52 bombs

US B-52 bombers arrive at Arabian Gulf due to uncertain Iran threat

According to the US Air Force on Friday, the B-52 bombers, which the White House ordered…

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usa vs iran

The US accused Iran of nuclear blackmail because Trump brought new sanctions to the metal sector

President Donald Trump on Wednesday ordered new sanctions against Iran, this time targeting the export revenues…

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jared kushner

US and Palestinians clash with Israel on US plan for peace

The main architect of the long-awaited US plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace suppressed the UN’s “anti-Israel prejudice” on Thursday, calling…

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AFRICOM Claims, U.S. Airstrike killed 13 Somalia ISIS fighters

A U.S. airstrike in has killed 13 Islamic State fighters in northern Somalia, U.S. Africa Command stated Thursday. The Wednesday,…

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general khalifa haftar

Khalifa Haftar – the man the US is backing to bring peace to Libya

Libya has been struggling to achieve political stability since the 2011 revolution, organised to dethrone its autocratic ruler Moammar…

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russian s-400 missiles

Russian missiles buy risky for Turkey

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken the case for buying the Russian S-400 missiles directly to his U.S….

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Strong U.S. army campaign to beat al-Shabab in Somalia lacks political will, analyst claims

President Trump has declared that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is “100%” beat. It seems to be unlikely…

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hassan rouhani vs nuclear power

After Iran’s nuclear deal declaration,The world actually got much more dangerous

The unraveling of the 2015 Iran nuclear plan is currently boosting with Iran’s announcement Wednesday that it is going…

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joseph gerson

Bolton aims to frighten Iran

Joseph Gerson, President of the Peace Disarmament and Joint Security Campaign, expressed his words in an…

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Iraq’s Militias, Accused of Threatening U.S.

When the United States claimed this week that American forces in Iraq confronted threats from Iranian “proxies,” it had…

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ismail haniyeh

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Celebrates Again ‘Victory’

According to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, this time he received assurances from Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations that…

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hassan rouhani

Iran to restart some nuclear activities in response to US sanctions

Iran said on Monday that the United States will restart a portion of its nuclear program…

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uss abraham lincoln aircraft

The US sends a bombing mission to the Middle East to warn Iran

In the region, which caused the White House to be announced late on Sunday and with tensions in the…

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air raid

In Somalia, US Air Raid Kills 16 Al Shabaab

Somali armed forces claim US military has carried out deadly airstrikes focusing on Al Shabaab near major rebel stronghold…

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donald trump VS abdel fattah el-sisi

Is the United States about to kill the Muslim Brotherhood fatally?

Is it notified that Washington’s plan to qualify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization means the closed end…

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donald trump

‘Our Hopes is in the Hand of Our Creator’, says Trump

On Thursday the nation came together simply to pray. The National Day of Prayer is conducted on the first…

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hulusi akar

The US moving closer to Turkey’s position in Syria, Defense Minister Akar states

The U.S. has moved closer to Turkey’s position in Syria and demonstrating certain overall flexibility in its approach to…

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Syrian Brotherhood: Labeling the group as a böl terrorist ist does not protect the stability of the region

On Thursday, Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood warned against the attempts by the United States to put it on the group’s…

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Islamophobia directed by politics, not religion in the US

Islamophobia in the United States is not based on a clash of religious beliefs but directed by politics, according…

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seyyed abbas mousavi

US is not in a position to lecture others on human rights: Iran

In response to the confused expression of his American counterpart, Mousavi said on Wednesday that the US regime does…

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tammy duckworth

An injured warrior returns to Iraq as a U.S. senator — and comes back with a caution.

A lot has totally changed in Iraq since Army Lt. Col. Tammy Duckworth’s Black Hawk helicopter was shot down…

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mike pompeo

Iran’s intelligence service was labeled as a terrorist organization by the exile group

The Trump administration should add Iran’s intelligence agency to the list of foreign terrorist organizations to hold Tehran’s agents…

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pkk terrorist

PKK terrorist was neutralized in Turkey’s southeastern

A wanted PKK terrorist was neutralized in Turkey’s southeastern Diyarbakir province, the governor’s office declared on Wednesday. The terrorist was…

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masood azhar

Masood Azhar’s designation shows the worldwide commitment to rooting out terrorism in Pakistan: US

The US has declared that the designation of Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the…

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us troops

Iran considers all US troops in the Middle East as terrorists

Iranian President Hassan Rohani said on Tuesday that the terrorists in the Middle East have declared all US forces…

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Does Iran’s revolutionary guard deserve the official definition of “Terrorist”?

Weeks after the US State Department officially appointed Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) terrorist organization as an organization, a…

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A new round of US-Taliban talks will begin in Doha: Taliban

A new round of peace talks between the Taliban and the United States begins on Wednesday, an official for…

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zalmay khalizad

Taliban: New round of negotiations with US ambassador to peace

The Taliban said that a new round of rounds with US ambassador to peace Zalmay Khalilzad would start in…

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United States: Trump plans to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist” organization

After Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, US President Donald Trump plans to…

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US Syria representative to hold Syria talks with Turkish authorities 

The U.S. Special Representative for Syria Session along with the special envoy for the anti-Daesh coalition, James Jeffrey will make…

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Zalamy Khalizad

The Afghan peace agreement is based on the Taliban’s ceasefire: US peace envoy

Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan, said on Sunday that any peace treaty with the…

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Iran flag

Iran said that the US sanctions after the sanctions to leave the nuclear ‘is one of the options’

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that withdrawal from an agreement to prevent…

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Joint Air Exercise

Turkish, US and Qatar forces organize joint air exercises in Doha

On Saturday, Qatar’s military leader visited a three-nation air operation in Doha, local media reported. The General Staff of the…

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Iranian Drone Found Monitoring U.S. Warships, Since U.S. Seeks To Deter ‘Threat of Iran’

Iran’s semi-official news agent Tasnim News has released footage that it guarantees shows “U.S. warships being carefully examined in…

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President Donald Trump

Trump’s aides, regional allies, push the United States into the Iranian chaos: Zarif

Zarif accused Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE of dragging the United States into a conflict with US National…

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Sergey A. Ryabkov

US prevents Iran from benefiting from JCPOA

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said on Friday that the United States prevents Iran from…

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Idlib in syria

Syria Says Turkish Forces Are Illegally Placed In Syria, Bashes Golan Region

In a statement expressed strongly, Syria’s representative to the UN. Bashir al-Jaafari, Syria accuses Turkey of illegally occupying land…

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Turkey and Us may have a way out of S-400 and F-35 dispute

As the shipping of components of the Russian S-400 air and missile defense system to Turkey approaches, the 2…

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Armored Convoy

Washington Ankara discuss join patrols of safe zone in Syria

Turkey and the U.S. are dealing with the possibility of cooperative patrols in the field of the Euphrates in…

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US and Qatar foreign ministers discuss fight against Iran

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Abdulrahman al-Thani and,…

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Iran’s foreign minister believes Trump does not intend war yet could be ‘drawn into one’ 

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif does not think U.S. President Donald Trump wants a battle with Iran, yet he told Reuters…

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In a statement Tuesday, Iran’s parliament announced on Tuesday that a draft law requiring Washington to take hard steps…

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Iran’s Human Rights Council pressures the UK on climate demonstrators

The Iranian Judiciary Human Rights Council said on Tuesday that the treatment of climate activists by the police in…

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us troops

The focus of the next US negotiations: Taliban

The upcoming talks between the Taliban and the United States will focus on the timeline of withdrawing all foreign…

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army vehicle

US provides machine to YPG terrorists nearby Turkish border in Syria

Washington’s assistance for the PKK-affiliated terrorists in Syria continues with the latest delivery of 200 truckloads of construction materials…

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qatar airways

The US shows full-page newspaper ads complaining about Qatar Airways

The US commercial airline coalition released full-page advertisements this week in the New York Times and New York Post…

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texas a&m university

Does Qatar funding affect BDS on US university campuses?

The Zachor Institute asked Texas A & M to fund its funding sources, in particular, the Qatar Law on…

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Qatar’s sovereign fund, Crown Acquisitions, has been selected as an investor in the $ 5.6 billion New York agreement

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) and private property company Crown Acquisitions said on Friday that they are making a…

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us-qatar airlines

US restrictions on Qatar Airways could lead to corruption in aviation agreements: airlines

Washington pledged that US lawmakers would not add new domestic flights to US airlines in the US, according to…

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donald trump vs sheikh tamim al-thani

US President refuses to meet Qatari Emir over its close association with Iran

US President Donald Trump refuses to meet Sheikh Tamim Al-Thani, Qatari Emir, over the Arab nation’s ties with terrorist…

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hasan rouhani

Rouhani outlines the role of the military in ensuring Iran’s independence and territorial integrity

“For the past 40 years, the Army has always been at the side of the Iranian nation and the…

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Iran : Flood damaged oil wells in Khuzestan province

Iran has closed around a dozen oil wells in its oil-rich southwestern Khuzestan province because of massive floods, the…

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