Central American Caravan Moves On Regardless Job Offers of Mexico

On 27th October, a US-bound cavalcade of Central American migrants advanced through southern Mexico, regardless of government job offers. Authorities increased their efforts to the dissipate convoy which has angered the US President Donald Trump.
Mexican police wearing riot gears shortly blocked the marching of men, women, and children as they approached Oaxaca State in order to broadcast the offer of temporary identification papers, education, and job for those who are looking for a safe haven in Mexico.
Trump intimidated about sending troops to the US border and diminishes aid to Central America in order to prevent the group comprising of thousands of people who left Honduras a few weeks ago.
Estimates about the group size might vary as the data might have been modified. Around 150 immigrants traveling separately were apprehended near Guatemala’s border. Around 1700 people in the convoy have applied for a safe haven; whereas others have returned home. On Friday, the Honduran ambassador reported that the group officially has 3500 members.
However, on Saturday around 100 Honduran immigrants choose refugee status and opted for temporary worker program as suggested by President Enrique Pena Nieto. Some immigrants seven rejected the offer. A 28-year Honduran stated that their dream is to go to the US. Other migrants also mirrored the same views.
Police officials reported that the authorities are continuing to place the offers of asylum. Police commissioner echoed that the migrants living inside the caravan should learn about the offers so that their life doesn’t face any risk.


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