Chinese Officials Africa Bribery Trial Brings to the Fore Deals between Iran and Qatar

Although the details of former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho’s bribery trial come up, his business with Iran and Qatar are already under the limelight. In New York, Ho has been battling foreign bribery charges. On September 14, prosecutors discarded all criminal charges against Cheikh Gadio. Gadio a former Senegalese foreign minister they had charged of assisting Ho to bribe some African officials.

It has been argued that the government’s proceeding weakened the case against Ho. However, Ho’s lawyers requested a federal judge in New York to free his client who has been kept at a federal jail. However, the fifth petition for bail made by Ho has been futile. Based on some reports, as the trial of Ho nears November 5, prosecutors have disclosed how Gaudio’s testament, as well as proof of Ho’s business dealings with Iran and supposed arms sales to African countries, will be assisting their case during the trial. In current days, prosecutors have hinted that they are contemplating to submit proof about Ho’s participation in other corrupt activities. Prosecutors are also planning to present proof of Ho’s concern in carrying out business with Iran while the nation was under US penalties and orchestrating sales of arms and ammunition to Libya and Qatar. During an October 2014 email, one of several being referred to in court documents, Ho pointed that CEFC China acts as an intermediary to aid Iran to access the funds which they kept in a Chinese bank while under US penalties in order to reimburse a Hong Kong bank for precious metals.

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