Civilians Killed in Hodeida Due To Al-Houthi Shelling

In Hodeida’s Hays town in western Yemen, two civilians got killed and a woman got wounded. Al-Houthis backed by Iran had fired a mortar shell which hit the houses, residents and the local regions in western Yemen. The military of the Al-Houthi controls the farms and the mountainous areas outside Hays. The military shelled the town on 15th April. The mortar hit the house of Ali Mohammad Shehab which killed his wife who was 60, his granddaughter who was 16. The shell also injured another woman.

The government forces who are backed by the coalition led by Saudi Arabia have seized the control of the Hays region and the areas neighboring to it. The Al-Houthis have increased their terrorist activities in the Hodeida district. There are hundreds of people who got displaced from their houses who had left during the fighting. These people returned to their homes when the loyalists cleared the landmines and declared victory.

A mortar shell which was fired by the Al-Houthis had hit the residential area of Hays and had killed 4 people and have injured 9. they are will be under threat of the Al-Houthis until the government forces drive them out from the mountainous locations and the Al Jarrahi area. The movement of the local people is obstructed by the thousands of landmines. The landmines have also killed many civilians in the Khokha and Mokha towns. Katyusha rockets have been fired from the areas controlled by the Al-Houthis.

The government forces in the province of Baydha have killed thousands of militants in the borders of Marib and Baydha districts. Many bodies of the militants have been found in the mountain ranges. The government along with the army is clearing the mines which are planted by the Al-Houthi military.


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