Civilians Are Being Used As Human Shields by Houthi Rebels in Hodeidah

Houthi rebels are preventing residents of Al Durayhimi, from leaving the district before the pro-government troops make an invasion. It has been reported that the Houthi rebels in the port city of Hodeidah are using civilians in order to avoid possible attacks from the government troops. The rebels are using military vehicles in order to clog the routes going out from the city.

Zakaria Al Kurashi stated that the pro-government forces are making use of loudhailers in order to make an announcement of their advances towards the port city of Hodeidah. The forces are urging the residents of the villages to leave. However, since the announcement all roads were blocked by the Houthis.

One resident stated that they tried to escape but the Houthis didn’t allow them to leave. Instead, the rebels are ordering families to pay 100,000 Yemen rials in order to move away to a safe location.

One resident informed that the residents are suffering immensely as they don’t have any access to gas and water. Residents need to struggle a lot for fetching 20 liters of water for drinking, as the rebels bombarded the only water storage which was providing water to the villages in the north of Al Durayhimi.

Fighting across the Hodeidah province killed dozens of rebels, whereas pro-government forces and Yemeni officials claimed the toll might be around 80. The Yemen government of President Abdrabu Mansur Hadi requested to put more political pressure on the Houthi rebels before the peace talks are summoned by the special UN envoy.

Yemen’s permanent representative to the UN informed the Security Council more steps need to be implemented in order to stop the Houthis from carrying out attacks on international shipping. He cited the example of the rebels attacking two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea.

A coalition led attack for retaking the Hodeidah was postponed in order to help Martin Griffith’s effort to request the council for keeping the Red Sea out of the conflict.


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