Colombia Landmine Fatalities Triple to 180 in 2018

According to news reports by a landmine monitoring group in Colombia, the recent landmine triggered killed more than 180 people this year. This was a major bad move, as 56 were injured in the landmine last year while the number only escalated in 2018.

Now, the result of the landmines is the leftist rebels who have come across more weaponry.

The most affected areas in the vicinity were the jungles and mountains. Previously these areas were under the control of the rebels by the name of Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

However, presently the FARC rebel group had disbanded owing to the peace treaty. Nevertheless, the danger was far from over. Few smaller rebel groups like the National Liberation Army or other criminal gangs soon after formed their haven in these locations.

Thus, these new rebels often planted landmines to wreak havoc on the life of civilians. This year itself, more than 200 civilians were affected.  Unlike the FARC who mostly announced civilians of mined areas, the criminal rebels do not.

This raised an alarm among several members belonging to the Colombian Campaign against Landmines. Alvaro Jimenez, the director of the Colombian Campaign against Landmines commented that Columbia is not one state that can go back to being affected by landmines. The miners need to raise alarm regardless to prevent loss of numerous civil lives.

Right now actions are being taken by the Colombia government to remove as many landmines as possible. Till now, the officials managed to clear about 2 kilometers of landmines since the peace deal with FARC was signed in 2016.

Regardless more landmines seem to crop up due to rebels; but, this hardly dissuades the Columbia signatory of the Ottawa convention which pledges to remove all these landmines before 2021.

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