Contesting in an Election is Easier than Fighting against Stereotyping Women: Vogue’s New Suffragettes

The suffragettes had efficiently secured votes for the women by using the weapons of short tactics and eloquent campaigns. Emily Davidson, a member of this group had undergone a hunger strike and had embraced premature death. Vogue magazine will honor the legacy of the suffragettes by declaring their own “New Suffragettes” who they think, will be fit for 2018.

Who are the Members?

The New Suffragettes comprise seven women including the bloggers, campaigners, politicians and artists. They are expected to fight for women empowerment in the battle of equality which prevails throughout the world. One of the members of this group feels that it is extremely difficult to change the inner stereotypes of women which are deeply embedded in the minds of people. Contesting an election is an easy task in comparison to the fight against the stereotyping of women.

Politician Stella Creasy, who is the Labor MP for Walthamstow and Sophie Walker who leads the Women’s Equality Party are members of this group. Artist Gillian Wearing and campaigner Paris Lee have also joined the group. Fashion blogger Dina Torkia and Reni Eddo Lodge have also made themselves a part of this group.

The magazine had released an image of the women and they have dedicated two pages to describe the aims and objectives of the women. The magazine has also explicitly described the causes of the seven members.

Opinions of the Members

Each of the members was asked their views on equality and they discussed the changes which will help in improving the lives of the women in the next hundred years.  The political platform needs to be used in order to fight the sexual harassment to which women have been subjected since times immemorial. The members feel that debates never lead to anything productive and it is high time for some action. It is very necessary to believe the women and encourage them so that they can voice their assault. The members are trying t create an army and combat the stereotyping of women with iron hands.

The progress will definitely take time and the journey will not be easy but the members are sworn to bring a change. What are your views regarding this matter? Reply in the comment section below.


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