The Cost of Destruction Caused By Syria War Is $388 Billion

The seven long years of cruel conflict in Syria have caused massive destruction. The United Nations on 8th August gave a statement that the destruction had cost the country around $400 billion. The figure was released after a detailed two-day meeting with more than 50 Syrian and International experts from the neighboring Lebanon area. The meeting was organized by the UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA).

ESCWA announced that the volume of destruction in sectoral dispersion and in the physical capital is being predicted to be more than $388 billion. It was said that the figure doesn’t include the human losses emanating from deaths or from the loss of human expertise, and skilled labors due to relegation. These factors are considered to be the most crucial facilitators of Syria’s economy.

Over the last seven years, half of Syria’s pre-war population departed from the country or has been relocated internally.

With Russia’s military help, a remarkable recovery has been made by the country’s regime forces. It has helped the regime forces to regain strong grounds in some parts of the country.

Even if the extremists and rebel forces, still remains in some parts, with the country having strong military power, efforts are being placed on changing the scenario.

ESCWA mentioned in their full-page report about the effect of the war on the country is due to be released in September. It would contain the updated estimates. It would aid the ongoing discussion on post-conflict Syria can be carried out.


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