Costa Rica Allows Asylum to Nicaraguan Human Rights Activist

The government of Costa Rica provided political asylum to Nicaraguan human rights activist Alvaro Leiva. Costa Rica’s foreign ministry stated that months after fleeing from his country on receiving death threats, Alvaro was granted this political asylum.
Leiva’s case points out that for the first time Costa Rica has conceded such protection to a Nicaraguan citizen, since political anxiety and civil discontent emerged deadly in the neighboring Central American country.
Due to the civil turmoil and unrest, more than 300 people have been killed and around 2000 people got injured during the police suppression and protests by the armed groups. The protests started in April over government plans to reduce the welfare benefits. Soon it soared into a larger opposition to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega.
Costa Rican foreign ministry stated that it is a special protection for people which includes diplomats and anyone who was a part of the political movements in the countries to which they belong.
Alvaro Leiva who heads the Nicaraguan human rights association ANNPDH blamed the government of Ortega of causing violence and many violation of human rights. When Alvaro was contacted, he stated that he was happy that he was given a safe haven in Costa Rica. He even added that Costa Rica is a country that shows its support and respects human rights.


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