Despite Pullout of US Forces Turkey Will Continue Their Fight against Kurdish Fighters in Syria

Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on 10th January informed reporters that Turkey will proceed with its designed attack against the Kurdish militias in northeastern Syria, regardless of the fact the US pulls out its troop from the country. Mevlut stated that they would stick to their decision of taking action against the Kurdish fighters in case the withdrawal of troops is shelved due to foolish reasons, such as Turks are assassinating Kurds, which is not the fact really.
The caution comes after American officials tried to rule a U.S. troop withdrawal on a warranty of Kurdish partners being safe and Turkish non-contentious, something Turkish President Recep Erdogan directly knocked down on Tuesday. Now Ankara, which has accumulated thousands of Turkish troops along the border with Syria, stated that it would be acting despite a U.S. delay. Mevlut stated that his country is stubborn both on field and table. Hence, Turkey won’t be taking permission from anyone.
John Bolton, White House National Security Advisor and Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State have spent some time in the Middle East trying to convince allies of America’s about the nation’s promise in the wake of President Donald Trump’s shocking declaration to withdraw U.S. forces out of Syria. Security officials and legislators have cautioned this might mean discarding local partners on the ground and weakening reliability of the U.S. when it comes to alliances.
Turkey’s President stated that his country can’t allow such put down against the statements made by John Bolton, who assured non-aggression against Kurds who fought in Syria. He added that Bolton made a mistake by announcing it. Kurdish militias who rule in Northern Syria and Turkey consider them as terrorists. Erdogan stated that Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the armed wing Democratic Union Party (PYD) can’t be a representative of the Kurds.

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