Easy Steps to Get the Good Conduct Certificate from the UAE

Now it is easier to get a good conduct certificate for the Indians who are residents of UAE if they wish to work in India. There are few steps that you must follow to get the good conduct certificate from UAE itself. You must go to a specialized outsource provider that outsources visa, consular, passport and attestation services. You can also get a police clearance certificate in the UAE in the same way.

Here are the steps by which you can get the good conduct certificate from the UAE.

Get the application form

You can get the application form from the site that is given to you. Download the site and then get the application form. Fill up the form with the necessary information that is needed by the authority to issue you the good conduct certificate. The applicant must also give the details of the photo id with expiry dates mentioned on it. The photo id can be driving license, health card, labour card, or emirates ID card.

Get it checked by the authorities

Otherwise if you want to get the Police Clearance certificate then get the copy of the form that is printed in English. Give the current passport details and the correct ones that you have obtained from the United Arab Emirates Authorities. The applicant must give an explanation stating the reason for which the resident has applied for the PPC of India. They must also show the required documents for that. It is mandatory to get a clearance from the Consulate General of India located in Dubai or from the Indian embassy. Though the place from where the passport has been issued is not needed.

If visa is expired

If the visa has expired and it has also passed the grace period, the applicants must get a testified letter from their company and a copy of the trade license those who are under same Company Sponsorship. For dependents, the phototestified letter and the passport copy of the sponsoris required. Prior approval is needed in case your visa has expired and the grace period is over too.

For new employment

New employees must get their Offer Letter which has been attested by Chamber of Commerce in Dubai, Sharjah or Northern Emirates. Go to that location where the company has been registered. Submit copy of valid employment paper visa and in original. A photo testified letter is also required from the company. You can even give a copy of valid trade license copy.


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