Egypt families of terror victims are suing Qatari for $150m

Families of several victims of terror attacks in Egypt are filing a lawsuit against Qatar’s Emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. They are demanding a compensation of around $150 million. This is the first lawsuit of its kind to take place in one Arab nation against another.
In the lawsuit, Qatar has been charged with being responsible for the deaths of 4 officers and also for the injuries sustained by a civilian during an extremist attack in the north Sinai region.

The lawsuit has been based on the judicial rulings which have confirmed Qatar’s ties in supporting extremist and terrorist groups in Sinai, according to a lawyer. The lawyer has also referred to various judicial rulings. One of them is the life imprisonment of Mohamed Morsi, the former President of Egypt, based on the charges of holding communications with Qatar. The lawyer has stated that provisions such as these act as evidence of the support provided by Qatar to various acts of terrorism.
The Egyptian law does recognize the right to ligation. However, the registration of this case had not been completed after the Supreme Judicial authorities’ opinion.
The lawsuit also refers to a list that was issued by an anti-terror body which includes mentions of entities and individuals that were supported and housed by Qatar. Egyptian prosecutors consider that Qatari guilt can be easily evidenced by the fact that the nation is harboring members of the notorious extremist group, Muslim Brotherhood. Moreover, Qatar has repeatedly refrained from sending terror suspects for trial to Egypt in spite of proven involvement in terror crimes inside Egypt.


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