Egypt Is Finalizing the Details of Hamas-Israel Agreement

Egypt is going through the details of a long-term armistice between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza strip. According to an Egyptian security official, amidst the tensions at the border, a progressive deal is down the line. Along the borders is the home of around two million Palestinians.

According to sources, Cairo has already organized a provisional truce that would allow the transportation of goods into Gaza just before the Eid al Adha festival and the Eid al Adha commences. The festival of Eid al Adha is slated to start from next week.

According to some sources, final touch to the agreement is being provided before it gets signed by sides. It is being anticipated that the terms of the truce would be announced next week, provided Fatah helps them in this endeavor.

Fatah officials didn’t join the Hamas who manages the Gaza Strip or other Palestinian blocs for the discussions to be held in Cairo over the long-term agreement. However, winning the support of Fatah is important for any kind of deal since the party enjoys a strong presence in the Gaza Strip which is controlled by them.  It has also some controls in regions which fall under Abbas’s Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

The long term suspension could help to introduce talks on other factors, such as the lifting of the blockade which impaired the economy of Gaza and allow a feasible exchange of hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in exchange of the two Israeli bodies. According to sources, Abbas Kamel was supposed to meet Abbas after carrying out identical discussions in Israel and the announcement of a possible deal can be made in the coming week.

Later on, when the news of Fatah agents’ joining the Cairo discussion came, it was seen as a positive sign. Apart from opening the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing into Gaza, the enclave’s fishing zone was extended from three nautical to nine nautical miles. The truce would also see the opening of a sea lane from Cyprus to Gaza and would be supervised by Israel.


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