For Ending the Afghanistan War, US Goes Through the Peace Accord Outline

The United States and the Taliban have drawn the draft for a possible peace agreement in order to bring an end to the 17 years of war in Afghanistan, a US special envoy stated on Monday. However, there was no indication of the terrorist group accepting the key US demands.

US special peace envoy Zalmay Khalilzad told reporters during an interview that they have a blueprint of the framework that has to be modified before it can be changes into an agreement. He made this announcement after holding six days of discussions with the Taliban. He further stated that the Taliban have performed, to their fulfillment, to do whatever is essential so that it would avert Afghanistan from again becoming a stage for international terrorist groups or individuals.

However, there was no hint, that the Taliban had accepted to U.S. request like committing to a truce before the pull out of the U.S. troops or that it would engross in direct discourse with the U.S.-backed government in Kabul. While the breakthrough achieved in the discourse in Doha has been the most compelling; yet, reaching a final solution if far from being, as the major two ultimatums could still thwart the process.

Another US official who spoke on the condition of anonymity, stated important breakthrough could be achieved in the discussions held in Qatar; however stated that more arbitration were needed on the matter related to the timing of the truce, which emerges as a obstacle for the next round of discussions that’s going to be  held on 25th February.

Taliban negotiators are looking forward to a complete pull out before a truce; however, the Americans want the opposite, the official said. The official stated that obviously they are not looking forward to a lasting permanent military presence in Afghanistan. He added that the goal of the US is to bring peace in Afghanistan and they would be looking forward to a imminent partnership with post-peace government.

Another official stated that the concern of ending the Afghanistan war would be based on being assured that Afghanistan won’t serve as a foundation to terrorists to attack the US or any other nation.

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