Ethnic Cleansing Claimed 37 Civilian Lives in Mali

37 Fulani civilians have been killed by some armed men in Central Mali. The government has said that the attack was conducted at the time of the first call to prayer on the first day of 2019. The attackers knew the region well, as they have only targeted the part of Koulogon which was largely inhabited by the Fulani. Traditional Donzo attire of the attackers has made the case clear for the ethnic cleansing.
The mayor of the nearest town, Moulage Guindo, has said that the attackers have shown no mercy even to the children.
Ethnic cleansing and communal violence have created an appalling situation regarding security in Mali. The instability has made the desert and semi-arid region of the country a hotbed for the jihadist groups such as the Islamic States and Al-Qaeda.
The Donzos are linked with another ethnic group, named Dogon. The other half of the Koulogon village, which was just half a mile away from the attacked region, is not harmed at all as Dogons are the main resident.
Violence related to ethnic cleansing has become a common matter in Mali since the loosely allied Islamists and Tuareg rebels started dominating the northern region. The domination started in 2012 which made the French force to intervene the very next year.
Since then, Islamists are taking advantage of this ethnic rivalry. Tapping into this emotional point, they are spreading violence and recruiting new members at the same time. According to the Mali government, hundreds of people lost their lives due to such ethnic violence last year.

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